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Countryside attraction – New Forest National Park

My wide open fascination is New Forest National Park. This general depiction of wide open fascination clarifies the general intrigue, effect of area, structure highlights and key focuses about wide open activity and the executives. My individual examination of Exmoor National Park analyzes every one of these highlights in more detail. By doing a general portrayal first it will assist with featuring the key data on field attractions that would then be able to be contrasted and man-made attractions. Field area and access: The key distinction among open country and man-made attractions is that the first are normal where as the second can be picked. In Britain, there are more than 10 national parks in different pieces of the nation however the greater part of the parks are in the north. There are no national parks in the southeast London zone. There are an assortment of wide open normal attractions including gardens, nature trails, private homesteads, timberlands and forest, wetland, littler region of open space regularly utilized for out-entryway entertainment, untamed life stops, and flying creature havens which are all not national parks, however can be significant field attractions. The seaside regions of Britain, separate to sea shores and resorts, incorporate costal strolls, normal natural life and view, which are mainstream with visitors. Area and access to wide open is significant for the accompanying reasons: 1. Advancement of the travel industry 2. Monetary. Field the travel industry procures pay for the travel industry 3. Social. Wide open the travel industry gives chances to instruction, satisfaction and social diversion. 4. Condition. The administration of the wide open particularly in national parks secures the earth to serve natural life, plants, cultivating creatures, nearby networks, visiting visitors until further notice and what's to come. 5. Effects of area and access can likewise be negative. Some wide open territory draws in high quantities of guests in top season, which can negatively affect untamed life, cultivating, neighborhood networks, if not controlled. The occasional notoriety of field regions and the terrible atmosphere in winter can have a negative monetary effect on work, pay for organizations and the nation equalization of installments. Bid and fame: The principle request and fame of Britain outside its legacy urban communities and its well known youth culture is the greenery of its field legacy, which is exceptionally unique to common landscape attractions of different regions on the planet. A significant intrigue and prominence is for a day-outing or brief break clients making a trip to the wide open on neighborhood or local excursions. Most of British clients are local, yet that is on the grounds that there is a national motorway arrange, with constrained rail access, there are likewise numerous national residential vacationers. Field occasions, for example, fetes and farming shows are additionally well known. Many are advanced on TV and are particularly pulled in to the family guest and worldwide vacationer, on account of their connection to nearby social legacy. All in all British wide open has a decent picture and notoriety. Be that as it may, it has experienced genuinely the ‘Foot and Mouth Disease' and rivalry with city attractions and modest occasions abroad, particularly an ocean side item showcase. The field pulls specifically intrigue gatherings, for example, schools, instructive gatherings, senior residents with additional time, and lovers of open air diversion. Structure and innovation of open country: The normal scene can be ensured by overseeing and controlling access, building, streets, outing territories, occasions and view focuses. Agrarian processors, for example, seepage, selection of yields, can likewise be controlled to help secure the nature and presence of nearby conditions. The area of doorways, exits, vehicle leaves, cooking offices, convenience, would all be able to be configuration to fit in to indigenous habitat and to constrain negative effect. Numerous provincial towns have neighborhood government arranging control to constrain synthetic conditions, so they depend on nearby materials and development strategies which help keep up neighborhood artworks and conventions, for example Cotsworlds, Yorkshire Grystone welsh stone constructed dividers are highlights of the British field that have been secured. Plan and innovation is additionally significant for the wellbeing and wellbeing and security of access to open air amusement, including water, waterways, lakes and costal territories, mountains with risky stone highlights, confined zones and field that should be shielded from the threats of fire or artificial contamination.

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Kindergarten Bigger and Smaller Math Lesson Plan

Kindergarten Bigger and Smaller Math Lesson Plan Understudies will analyze two items and utilize the jargon greater/littler, taller/shorter, and that's only the tip of the iceberg/less to depict their individual traits. Class: Kindergarten Term: 45 minutes each during two class periods Materials: Oat (Cheerios or something different with comparable pieces)Used pencils as well as crayonsManipulatives, for example, unifix 3D squares and additionally Cuisenaire rodsPrepared booklets (see below)Pictures of treats or natural product in different sizes Key Vocabulary: more than, not exactly, greater, littler, taller, shorter Destinations: Students will look at two articles and utilize the jargon greater/littler, taller/shorter, and the sky is the limit from there/less to depict their particular properties. Guidelines Met: K.MD.2. Legitimately contrast two items and a quantifiable characteristic in like manner, to see which article has â€Å"more of†/â€Å"less of† the quality, and depict the distinction. For instance, legitimately look at the statures of two kids and portray one kid as taller/shorter. Exercise Introduction On the off chance that you need to get a huge treat or cake to separate among the class, they will be exceptionally occupied with the presentation! Something else, an image will work. Reveal to them the tale of â€Å"You cut, you choose,† and how that is what number of guardians advise their youngsters to separate things fifty-fifty so nobody gets a greater cut. For what reason would you need a greater cut of treat or cake? Since then you get more! Bit by bit Procedure On the principal day of this exercise, demonstrate pictures to understudies of treats or organic product. Which treat would they need to eat, if this looks great to them? Why? Feature the language of â€Å"bigger† and â€Å"smaller† - if something looks yummy, you’ll need the greater bit, on the off chance that it doesn’t look great, you’ll most likely request the littler bit. Compose â€Å"bigger† and â€Å"smaller† on the board.Pull the unifix 3D squares out and let understudies make two lengths - one that is clearly greater than the other. Compose the words â€Å"longer† and â€Å"shorter† on the barricade and have understudies hold their more extended pile of 3D shapes, at that point their shorter heap of 3D squares. Do this two or multiple times until you are certain that they know the contrast among longer and shorter.As an end movement, have understudies draw two lines - one longer, and one shorter. On the off chan ce that they need to get innovative and make one tree that is greater than another, that’s fine, yet for some that don’t like to draw, they can utilize the straightforward lines to show the concept.On the following day, survey the photos understudies did by the day's end - hold a couple of genuine models up, and audit greater, littler, taller, shorter with the understudies. Call some understudy guides to the front of the study hall and ask who is â€Å"taller†. The educator is taller than Sarah, for instance. With the goal that implies that Sarah is what? Sarah must be â€Å"shorter† than the instructor. Compose â€Å"taller† and â€Å"shorter† on the board.Hold out certain Cheerios in a single hand, and less pieces in the other. On the off chance that you were eager, which hand would you want?Pass out booklets to understudies. These can be made as simple as taking four bits of paper and collapsing them into equal parts and stapling them. On two confronting pages, it should state â€Å"more† and â€Å"less†, at that point on two different pages â€Å"bigger† and â€Å"smaller†, etc, until you have filled the book. Understudies should set aside some effort to draw pictures that speak to these ideas. Pull understudies aside in little gatherings of three or four to compose a sentence that depicts thei r image. Schoolwork/Assessment: Have understudies and their folks add pictures to the booklet. Assessment: The last booklet can be utilized to assess the understanding that the understudies have, and you can likewise talk about their photos with them as you pull them in little gatherings.

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Finding Good Topics For Argumentative Essay in College

Finding Good Topics For Argumentative Essay in CollegeArguing in college is not difficult, but there are many topics for argumentative essay that you can choose from. Most high school students have little or no idea about essay topics. They simply want to get the grades and leave school.As a part of a college course, your main aim should be to find good essay topics. This will help you get the grades you need.It may be very tempting to write down a topic and turn it into a good topic for an argumentative essay. But this can often backfire.In fact, the worst thing you can do at college level debate is to say something out of turn. Many people have got into arguments with their teachers and will regret it for the rest of their lives.Topics for argumentative essay can vary from anything, which includes sports, politics, news, and films. Some good essay topics for debate include the entire bible or an entire hundred-page book.If you are writing an essay on the bible, you could write a br ief account of what the bible says about someone, and then turn it into a topic for argumentative essay. Another good one would be about an average person who doesn't have the knowledge of the bible and gets them wrong.Or you could also say that if everyone was given the same amount of knowledge, everyone would be making the same mistakes, and would turn out the same. It is always better to give a person the maximum possible knowledge, and then watch and see if they change their minds.College debate topics are great and interesting, but you must be realistic about the subject matter. There are many subjects that debate can use to help make their arguments much stronger.

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The Beliefs Of The Christian Bible - 2020 Words

have gone. Locked in the dungeon, shrouded in an all-consuming cold where you will remain until you have paid your full price. Your reward will not be what you expect, but will be what you have earned. You cared not to listen to me. You can listen to the silence of darkness and the weeping and gnashing of teeth. You dwell in confidence now, but you will be left with only sorrow, and you will be filled with dreams of what could have been. All the preparations and schemes were not enough to save you from meeting your end and being destroyed. You took pleasure in adding imaginary winnings and dreamed of a boundless victory you can never have. You received strength in what you believed would be your reward, but you only deluded yourselves. I†¦show more content†¦At this time, Jesus came like a thief in the night, to see to the death and removal of his followers, lest they fall into the trap of worshiping the delusion. No one saw him come or go. They were sent to a prison where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. The world became an endless graveyard with millions of dead Christians strewn wherever they had fallen. Mounds of dead bodies filled every vacant lot in every city and country, waiting to be set aflame. Gathering dead Christians became the number one priority for the world. Once again, mankind believed they were witnessing the supernatural powers of a madman. Soon the sky above Jerusalem turned from blue to white because of the strangest phenomenon ever to appear. It was not a clouds white, but a white coming from pure light of no source. Thousands of people came to the city to stand in awe of the light which canopied Jerusalem for hours. A whirlwind of fire appeared in the sky as the crowd grew to its largest size. People stirred in fright as the whirlwind fell closer and closer to Jerusalem and toward the crowd. The fiery whirlwind set down on the Mount of Olives and disappeared, leaving a man of unbelievable beauty standing before them. He stood motionless, holding a walking staf f, and he waited for people to congregate around him. The crowd quieted whenShow MoreRelatedThe Sacred Text And The Principal Beliefs Of Christianity1738 Words   |  7 PagesChristianity has organised its beliefs into a systematic theology that draws from its sacred writing and tradition. While the main beliefs of Christianity are shared by all Christian variants, there are degrees of different in the interpretation of these beliefs and how they are lived out in everyday life. This can be seen in the important of sacred text, principle belief of the concept of salvation in John 3:16, principle belief of divine and humanity in ‘John 1:14’, principle belief of resurrection in ‘MarkRead MoreTranscendentalist1105 Words   |  5 PagesTranscendentalism and Christianity Have Incompatible Beliefs Transcendentalism is â€Å"a group of new ideas in literature, religion, culture, and philosophy that emerged in the early to middle 19th century† (Wikipedia). Transcendentalism first started with Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the pioneers of the Transcendentalists, who in his essay â€Å"Nature†, criticized several things, especially the Unitarian church (Wikipedia). Many other Transcendentalists such as Thomas Parker, Henry David Thoreau, Amos BronsonRead MoreDivided Christianity: What Went Wrong 1468 Words   |  6 Pageson Christian thought and beliefs. Scientific theories like Darwinism had great impacts on the churches leading to many of the Christians starting to question some of the beliefs and values they once held . These theories led to a mass move of initial Christians from the regular and traditional observance of religion and belief in Christian teachings, to secularism and a belief in a ‘personal god’ . As the radical effects of scientific secularism continued to take its toll on the Christian churchesRead MoreChristianity And The Holy Trinity955 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.† (Quotes About Christianity) This quote is from Ronald Regan, and I think it is a good representation of Christianity. Christianity is centered on the teachings and life of Jesus of Nazareth which is found in the Bible. Along with the teachings of Jesus, Christians believe in the Old Testament, that has biblical records that date back to 1500 B.C.E.. Some of these beliefs include the Holy Trinity, salvation, afterlife, and the Bible. TheRead MoreThe Rise Of Christianity By Don Nardo1737 Words   |  7 PagesIdentification To what degree has the Nicene Creed unified the beliefs of Christianity? The investigation will attempt to answer this question as best as possible. The focused time period will be from 313 AD to 325 AD. This is because practicing Christianity was made legal in Rome in 313 AD and the Nicene Creed was created and made the official statement of Christian beliefs in 325 AD. Also the investigation will focus mainly on events taken place in Rome. Unity, or lack thereof, in ChristianityRead More Religion in The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay963 Words   |  4 Pagesand beliefs about Christianity and its religious system. Take for instance the Black box that is used in â€Å"The Lotteryâ€Å". It is used as a representation of the Bible, because many Christian people base judgments of others on things that they take from the Bible and the village inhabitants pass judgment on Mrs. Hutchison based on what is literally taken from the box. The box is black, and the Bible in its most commo n form is black. Black is also a representative color of mystery, and the Bible has beenRead MoreChristianity And The New Testament1311 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity is a religion that is based on the life experiences and teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Christianity is the largest religion on Earth, with over two billion followers which are called Christians. Jesus is believed to be the Son of God and the Savior of Humanity who is coming as Christ in the flesh which is prophesized in the Old Testament. Christian’s profession of faith is that Jesus suffered for everyone, died and was buried in the tomb, and was resurrected from theRead MoreA Devoted Christian Essay1644 Words   |  7 PagesA Devoted Christian Christian teaching reflects on what they believe. Different groups of the Christian religion believe slightly different things, yet their views on death and the afterlife are always defined. It is clear from the teaching of the Bible that Christians believe death is not the end. Evidence of this is depicted in the Christian hymn title; It is not death to die. After the death of a much~loved friend or relation, Christians will always hold aRead MoreChristianity1417 Words   |  6 Pageswill examine the contribution of Christianity in the lives of individual believers and their communities. This contribution will be assessed using the common characteristics of beliefs, sacred text and writings and ethics. Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Christians share a set of beliefs that are important to their faith, they believe that God created the universe, God is a single ruler, Jesus is the son of God, Jesus suffered and was crucified for our sins andRead MoreBasis Of Faith Reflection Paper1370 Words   |  6 PagesOlawunmi Babalola Christian Faith Theo 404 Prof Ian Cole 10/02/2017 Basis of Faith Reflection Paper Belief should have some type of basis. one reason being in the realm of when an individual desire to truly defend their faith. For instance, if I am claiming to believe in something I should be able to make others see reason and understand the basis of my belief. This is not because the basis or reason for my belief matters to them but because in doing so I reflect my knowledge and remove ignorance

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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck - 1549 Words

Not only did the 1930s see the Great Depression, where America faced severe economic downturn, but it also brought the Dust Bowl. Due to overzealous agriculture practices, the soil of the Great Plains turned to dust and blew away, sending many people away with it. With all of the turmoil, many Americans fell back on religion. The novel The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck chronicles the fictional Joad family, giving a harsh, yet realistic depiction of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the journey from Oklahoma to California. On their travels, the Joads bring along the former preacher, Jim Casy, who often serves as a voice for Steinbeck’s attitudes towards religion. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck critiques characters who display blind devotion toward religion, enjoying its ease and simplicity, and favors those who are able to think for themselves and benefit in meaningful ways from their religion. Steinbecks pitfalls of blind devotion, especially its tendencies towards isolation and lack of human connection, are exposed through his depiction of the character Mrs. Sandry. While the Joad family stays in a government camp in California called Weedpatch, the oldest daughter, Rose of Sharon, who is now pregnant, encounters Mrs. Sandry. Mrs. Sandry is a deeply religious, but somewhat odd and misfit woman who lives at the camp. She takes the time to warn Rose of Sharon about sin taking place around them. At the end of their conversation, she leaves Rose of SharonShow MoreRelatedThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pages The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck, widely viewed as one of the most finest and powerful American writer, born to a middle-class family in 1902 in the Salinas Valley of California. Steinbeck is a writer who often spoke for the people. The Grapes of Wrath is a great movie, published in 1939, filled with many universal truths and views on human nature and society, especially where class is concerned. In the article, John Steinbeck The Grapes a wrath: A Call to Action says, â€Å"Steinbeck’s novel showcasedRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1075 Words   |  5 PagesKirsten Lloyd Mr. Eldridge AP Junior English 21 August 2014 Grapes of Wrath â€Å"Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.† (Seneca), In the 1939 novel, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, the reader accompanies the Joad family as they struggle to escape the crippling Dust Bowl of the mid- 1930’s. In hopes of establishing a new life for themselves after being forced off their land the family embark on a journey from Oklahoma to California in search of fruitful crops and steady work alongRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1563 Words   |  7 Pages John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, depicts a migrant farming family in the 1930s. During this time, life revolved around the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, making circumstances difficult for almost everyone involved, especially those who had little. This time of drought and despair caused people to lose hope in everything they’ve ever known, even themselves, but those who did not, put their hope in the â€Å"promised land† of California. Here, the grass was thought to be truly greenerRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1189 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The Grapes of Wrath† Shortly after being released John Steinbeck’s book â€Å"The Grapes of Wrath† was banned because many critics viewed the novel as promoting communist propaganda, or socialist ideas. The ideas that many of these critics point to is Steinbeck’s depiction of the Big Banks/ Businesses as monsters, the comparison of Government camps to a utopia in contrast of the makeshift â€Å"Hoovervilles,† and the theme of the community before the individual, In his novel â€Å"The Grapes of Wrath† John SteinbeckRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1093 Words   |  5 Pages In John Steinbeck s The Grapes of Wrath, Tom Joad and his family are forced from their home during the 1930’s Oklahoma Dust Bowl and set out for California along with thousands of others in search of jobs, land, and hope for a brighter future. The Grapes of Wrath is Steinbeck’s way to expound about the injustice and hardship of real migrants during the Depression-era. H e utilizes accurate factual information, somber imagery, and creates pathos, allowing readers connections to the Joad’s plightRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1190 Words   |  5 PagesThe Grapes of Wrath April 14th, 1939, John Steinbeck published the novel, The Grapes of Wrath. The novel became an immediate best seller, with selling over 428,900 copies. Steinbeck, who lived through both the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, sought to bring attention to how families of Oklahoma outdid these disasters. Steinbeck focuses on families of Oklahoma, including the Joads family, who reside on a farm. The Joad family is tested with hardship when life for them on their farm takesRead MoreThe Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck702 Words   |  3 PagesJohn Steinbeck’s use of the intercalary chapters in The Grapes of Wrath helps weave the reader’s sympathy of the Joad family into a more broad sympathy for the migrant farmers as a whole, in the hopes that the readers would then be compelled to act upon what they have read. During the Great Depression, people had a big disconnect about what was happening in various parts of the country. People often struggle to find sympathy for events when they can’t even visualize a person who is suffering throughRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck2144 Words   |  9 PagesThe Grapes of Wrath is a well-known beloved novel of American Literature, written by John Steinbeck and published in 1939. Whoever said a road is just a road has not read The Grapes of Wrath. From the time we read when Tom Joad, novel’s protagonist, returns home after four years in prison; the meaning of roads changed. Route 66, also known as the mother road the road of flight, was a lifeline road, which allowed thousands of families to pursue their hopes and dreams. This road is also the road thatRead MoreThe Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck1014 Words   |  5 PagesJohn Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, was first written and later published in the 1939. Fr om the time of its publication to date, the exemplary yet a simple book has seen Steinbeck win a number of highly coveted awards including Pulitzer Prize in 1940 and later on Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. Set at the time of the Great Depression, the book most remarkably gives a descriptive account of the Oklahoma based sharecropper Joad’ poor family in the light of economic hardship, homelessnessRead MoreThe Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck1064 Words   |  5 PagesThe Grapes of Wrath, originated from a John Steinbeck’s book, a legendary film that focus on a major point of American history. The story follows the Joad family on their journey to California trying to survive the hardships. This film, focus on the social problems of America like the Dust bowl, The Great Depression, and industrialism. The Grapes of Wrath was filmed in a journalistic-documentary style, which displayed the realism of the epidemic in the thirties. The thirties the period The Grapes

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What Is the Relationship of Organizational Structure,...

Assignment 8 What is the relationship of organizational structure, control and culture? When would a company decide to change from a functional to a multidivisional structure? Between the structures, the controls and the culture is a relationship that works like a chain that is locked to itself. Organizational structure specifies procedures, controls, and decision-making authority. It is critical to match organizational structure to the company strategy. The structure have the purpose of manage the firm’s daily work routines, explore new resources and competitive possibilities, distribute resources. This is a chain because every company is made by employees of different levels, background, and history and believes. Thru the†¦show more content†¦If a company decides to change it have to take in consideration if the decisions are centralized or decentralized and look for a balance. You have to remember that a company is an ever changing being that a structure could evolve over time with changes in strategy, diversification and the influence of the competition as well asShow MoreRelatedCoca Cola Organizational Theory Essay19602 Words   |  79 PagesAnalysis 6 #1 – Organizations and Organizational Effectiveness 6 #2 – Stakeholders, Managers, and Ethics 9 #4 – Organizational Design 10 #5 – Designing Organizational Structure: Authority Control 13 #6 – Designing Organizational Structure: Specialization Coordination 15 #3 – Managing in a Changing Global Environment 16 #8 – Organizational Design Strategy 19 #7 – Creating Managing Organizational Culture 21 #9 – Organizational Technology 21 #11 – Organizational Transformations: Birth et alRead MoreUnderstand the Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Culture.8544 Words   |  35 PagesTask 1: Understand the relationship between organizational structure and culture. P1.1: Compare and contrast different organisational structure and culture. According to Buchanan and Huczynski, an organisation is a ‘social arrangement for the controlled performance of collective goals’. Chester Barnard described an organisation as ‘a system of co-operative human activities’. Organisation are can be define as; ‘A deliberately formed group of human being with known boundaries and common goal’. OrRead MoreEssay about United Cereal Laura Brill’s Eurobrand Challenge5313 Words   |  22 Pagesb. How would the launch reflect the UC way .................................................... 10 IV. Strategic Choice: Should Healthy Berry Crunch become UC’s First Eurobrand . 11 a. The concept of â€Å"Eurobrands†......................................................................... 11 b. The analysis of the establishment of Eurobrands .......................................... 11 V. Organizational Structure to Support effective implementation of Eurobrand ........ 12 a. The relationship betweenRead MoreUnited Cereal Case Essay11255 Words   |  46 Pagesbreakfast foods company United Cereal, portrays the background of a launch decision for a new cereal product, the ‘Healthy Berry Crunch’. As the case evolves, the decision has major strategic and organizational implications for Lora Brill, European Vice President. The case focuses especially on two central decisions confronting her: Should ‘Healthy Berry Crunch’ become the companys first Eurobrand and be introduced in a coordinated manner Europewide? And, from an organizational perspective, shouldRead MoreManagement Control Systems Pdf115000 Words   |  460 PagesPrinciples of Management Control Systems 20 Fo rI B ICFAI UNIVERSITY S U se O nl y C la s s of 09 Principles of Management Control Systems 20 Fo rI B ICFAI Center for Management Research Road # 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034 S U se O nl y C la s s of 09 ï›™ The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, January 2006. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, usedRead Morecase study: the Home Depot19454 Words   |  78 Pagespersons which have been working together and individually to finish the assignment properly and in time. Secondly, we would like to thank the company whose websites we were able to visit and use, to get additional information that we could use for leading the assignment of Home Depot to a successful ending. We can say, that it was a pleasure to work on this assignment and would, in the third place, like to thank each other. The persons who worked on this assignment, for the effort and time thatRead MoreAssign: Managing the Digital Firm7977 Words   |  32 Pagesorganizations. 3. What synergies do you see in the merged AOL/TimeWarner Company that can give it the competitive advantage? In your opinion, why hasn’t the merger between these two companies been more successful? 4. How can managers’ roles be enhanced with a well-integrated information system? How can their roles be diminished with a poorly-integrated information system? 5. Ask yourself these questions about your own firm: a. What is the structure of the industry in whichRead MoreIsis Paper13397 Words   |  54 PagesIT can also be a major catalyst in the globalisation process itself. In the context of the global information strategy, the paper develops a distinction between business infostructure, IT infrastructure and the IS/IT suprastructure. Signiï ¬ cant relationships between the four domains of the framework are surfaced and an agenda for action developed. Introduction As we leave the 20th century many economists argue that we are entering a truly ‘global economy’. At the same time, however, others are questioningRead MoreTeaching Notes Robert Grant - Strategy 4th Edition51665 Words   |  207 PagesMeeting the Digital Challenge 62 7 Organizational Restructuring within the Royal Dutch/Shell Group 70 8 Harley-Davidson, Inc., January 2001 77 9 Online Broking Strategies: Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab and E*Trade 83 10 11 12 Emi and the CT Scanner [A] [B] 88 Rivalry in Video Games 98 Birds Eye and the UK Frozen Food Industry 109 1 CONTENTS 13 14 15 16 Euro Disney: From Dream to Nightmare, 1987–94 116 Richard Branson and the Virgin Group of Companies in 2002 125 General Electric: LifeRead MoreEssay about Case Analysis of Dell Computers12021 Words   |  49 PagesPOSITION OF COMPANY...............................................................................................32 WORKS CITED ..........................................................................................................................................34 Page 3 3 Industry Analysis The PC industry is one of the strangest in the world. There is probably no other type of product that is so technologically sophisticated, sells for so much money, and yet is sold by so many companies for

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Profit Maximization Is the Only Realistic Criterion by Which Business Organizational Effectiveness Should Be Reasonably Judged free essay sample

One side consists of purely economic view where management’s only social responsibility is to maximize profit while the other side is all about socio-economic position holding values and ethical rules that managers and non- managerial employees are expected to follow. General Overview Business ethics Definition: These are moral principles that guide the way a business runs / is conducted. Approaches to business ethics * Deriving Business Ethics from the Profit Motive * Deriving Business Ethics from General Moral Obligations * Business Ethics restricted to following the Law Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Definition: Understanding your business’ impact on the wider world and considering how you can use this impact in a position way. Dimensions of CSR * Ethical dimension * Economic dimension * Philanthropic dimension * Legal Dimension * Civil law * Criminal law CSR Perspective * Efficiency perspective * Managers as Agents * Manager as Owners * Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective * Inside Out Approach * Outside In Approach * Outside Out Approach * Social Responsibility Perspective In depth Discussion Business Ethics When business ethics is spoken of it usually means one of three things, i. . i. Avoid breaking the criminal law in one’s work related activities. ii. Avoid actions that may result in civil law suits against the company and iii. Avoid actions that are bad for the company’s image. Behaving ethically means distinguishing between right and wrong and making the best logical decision. It is not hard to identify unethical business practices; examples of such practices include; * Use of child labor * Use of unlawfully copy righted materials * Engaging in bribery * Unfair treatment of the employees * Discrimination and violation of human rights. Approaches to business ethics Deriving Business Ethics from the profit motive There has been an argument that there is symbiotic relation between ethics and business in which ethics naturally emerges from a profit oriented business. This approach has two versions; the weak and strong version. Weak Version This version suggests â€Å"good ethics result in good business† meaning moral business practices e quals profit. Example, it is profitable to make safe products which will result in low product liability lawsuits. F. Hartley’s book, â€Å"Business Ethics† argues that long term interests of a business are served best by seeking a trusting relation with the public. Hartley 1993) However this version has a number of problems. Criticism of the weak version * Moral business practices will have an economic benefit in a long run hence it provides less incentive for businesses designed to seek short term profits. * Some of these practices are not economically viable even in a long run. Example the act of keeping older workers who are no longer efficient as opposed to replacing them with younger more efficient workers * Importantly these moral business practices depend on what â€Å"at that time† will produce a profit. The same practices might not be viable economically in a different market. Strong version It suggests the reverse strategy that in a competitive and free market profit motive will bring about proper moral environment. I. e. when customers demand safe products and workers demand privacy then they will work for and buy from those companies that meet these demands. In simpler terms â€Å"good business results in good ethics† Milton Friedman argues that this will only happen if at all the governments allows a truly free and competitive market. Criticism of the strong version This approach assumes that consumers and workers will demand the morally proper thing. A consumer may opt for a lesser safe product if they know it will save money similar to workers, they might forego demands of privacy if compensated with higher wages. * Business ethics restricted to following the law Moral obligations in business are restricted to the law requirements. Moral principles beyond law requirement / supra-legal principles appear optional since there is a dispute of their validity from philosophers and a wavering society on their acceptance. Without a widely recognized system of ethics outside the law it is unreasonable to demand business people to be obligated to principles that are optional. We live in a cultural pluralistic society where the business related moral obligations are those already contained in the law such as product safety, safe working conditions, fair hiring and firing practices, honest advertisement etc * Deriving business ethics from general moral obligations This approach suggests that morality must be introduced as a factor outside both the law and the profit motive. Gene Lacznick, â€Å"Business Ethics: A Manager’s Primer† 1983 says â€Å"proper ethical behavior exists on a plane above the law. Law merely specifies the lowest common denominator of acceptable behavior. † Philosophers offer five fairly general moral principles as suggestions Harm principle: there should be fairness in all of the business’ practices Human right principle: Human rights should be respected by all businesses Autonomy principle: Businesses cannot infringe on the rationally reflective choices of people Veracity principle: Deceptive practices should not exist. Criticism * The principles are too general; they do not specify what counts as unfairness, human right violation or harm. * They are abstract in nature * They do not give clear guidance when dealing with complex situations * They are difficult to apply to concrete situations. CSR is a balance between law and ethics. It is a about taking a responsible attitude going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following straight forward principles that apply whatever the size of your business. Law Rules establishes by a government under which businesses operate. Going against law leads to punishment, usually paying a fine or jailed or sometimes both at once. Ethics Branch of philosophy dealing with right and wrong, moral principles or values governing a particular culture, group or individual. Dimensions of CSR Social responsibility is the organizations obligation to maximize its positive impact on stake holders and reducing the negative impacts. It includes legal, economic, philanthropy and ethical dimensions. * Legal Dimension It concerns obeying the government’s laws and regulations. Civil law duties and rights of individuals and organization * Criminal law laws that prohibit certain actions and violation will result to being imprisoned or fined or both * Economic Dimension It is all about how resources for the production of goods and services are distributed within the social system. As the manager you need to ask yourself do consumer favor companies that are socially responsible or those that are only concerned with making profit . * Ethical Dimension This refers to the behaviors and activities that are expected or prohibited by the organizational members, society or community * Philanthropy Dimension The organization’s contribution to the society CSR is mostly being linked to philanthropy, that is they mean the same thing and that it is just a corporate term used in today’s business world, but the two are very different, where one is just a selfless act as a human to give back to the community where no one is going to hold it against you if you do not do it and the other one is not because it is a direct connection to people and the environment. Difference between CSR and philanthropy. * CSR is behavior by business over and above legal requirements voluntary adopted. CSR is linked to the concept of sustainable development businesses need to integrate the economic, social and environmental impact in their operations * CSR is not an optional â€Å"add on† to business core activities but about the way in which business is managed. CSR cannot be related/ pinned to philanthropy. It’s a decision strategy aiming to ensure long term viability of the business b y assuming an active role in the development of the community, economy and environment. CSR Perspective There are three Corporate Social Responsibility perspectives, namely 1. Efficiency Perspective This is where the manager’s major focus is to maximize profit for the owners of the business; the needs of the other constituencies do not pose as important. Under this perspective two types of managers are looked at; a) Managers as Agents The managers have no obligation what so ever to act on behalf of the society especially if this act does not maximize profit for the share holders. The decision to serve society is made by the share holders. b) Manager as Owners He/she decides if acting on behalf of the society will achieve the self interests and interests of the whole company. . Social Responsibility Perspective Under this perspective the organization/ firms are required to fulfill certain obligations and responsibilities towards the society as a whole and not concentrate only on reaching the share holders demands. The firm is requires to find a balance so that they cab cater all their major stake holders’ needs. These major stake holders are: * Society * Employees * Financiers * Shareholders * Communities * Suppliers Advantages Undertaking this perspective will mean having good relationship with the stake holders. For employees: giving them what they require like better pay, good working conditions, employee benefits etc will mean they are motivated and hence increase productivity and reduce employee turnover. For suppliers: paying them on time, loyalty and ordering for products without glitches and cancellations will mean they will supply good quality products, discounts and on time delivery. For community amp; Society: providing employment opportunities, encouraging education, being environmentally friendly, not going against culture will mean acceptance, good reputation and of course good attraction for future investors. For financiers: like banks, government, donators etc if the firm has a good financial record and they are putting their funds into good use, the financiers will become long term supporters and this will also build trust between the two parties. For share holders: as long as supporting all the above stake holders does not interfere with getting a higher return at the end of the day, they should be happy and provide what is needed for the company’s general growth. Disadvantage The biggest problem with this perspective is that as manager it is impossible to cater for all the stake holders’ needs and expectations being we are humans and we have different needs and ideas, so you cannot give in to one without interfering with other. 3. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective The above perspectives have been combined to form this one and three criteria are introduced to guide managers to acting responsible; a) Outside out approach The manger takes the time to look at social issues that are posing a problem in general and find ways his/her firm can contribute to help solve those problems. ) Inside out approach Manager’s only take the time to look at the internal issues that are important to the firm. The problems that are happening outside the surrounding environment do not impact on their decisions nor do they concern them with solving them. c) Outside in approach The manager will look at the issues surrounding the company outside an d pick out specific areas in which the company has an impact on or concern them in anyway. Corporate Social Responsibility works when†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ There is trust and communication between the management and the employees * Owners look at and accept long term views * There is a holistically made decision from the management. Corporate Social Responsibility does not work when†¦.. * Owners want to get rich quick. It is a process that shows benefits after long term implantation. * There is poor treatment of employees * Management works with the thought that resources are unlimited * CSR is viewed as corporate philanthropy * CSR is viewed as a public relation strategy Arguments for the assumption of social responsibilities * Long run profits: Businesses that are SR tend to attain more and secure long run profits, as a result of better community relations and enhanced business image * Superiority of prevention over cure: To avoid incurring more costs to correct the social problems and loss of energy and concentration away from future accomplishment of its goals they should deal with them before they are too serious. * Possession of resources: Business will have the proper resources such as managerial talents, financial resources and technical experts to provide assistance to public and charitable projects that need support * Stockholder interest: The stock market will award business which are SR with higher price earnings ratio because they are viewed as less risky and open to public attack and eventually improve the price of a business stock in a long run * Balance of responsibility and power: If power is greater than responsibility there is an imbalance which brings about irresponsible behaviors that is not good for the public. There should be an equal large amount of responsibility to balance out the large amount of power businesses have in the society * Public image: The public considers social goals important, firms can build a favorable public image by pursuing those goals to gain access to better markets, employees, customers and other benefits. * Better environment Involvement of businesses lands a helping hand in solving difficulty social problems creating a better quality of life and desirable community to attract to hold skilled employees. * Discouragement of further government regulations: Becoming SR businesses are faced with less government regulations since they add costs and hinder flexible decision making of the management. Arguments against the assumptions of social responsibilities * Too much power Enough power has already been given to business by the society; undertaking social responsibilities will mean giving it even more power as it already a powerful institution in the society * Lack of broad public support Since there is a divide public on the issue of being socially responsible there hasn’t been a mandate from the society for businesses to involved in social issues. * Lack of skills Business leaders’ skills and abilities are highly linked / associated with economics; they are under qualified to deal with social issues * Costs Businesses end up absorbing costs or pass them over to the consumers at a higher price since many of these responsibilities don’t pay their own way * Violation of profit maximization In business social responsibility is measured when it strictly tends to its economic interests and leaves the rest to other institutions * Lack of accountability There is no direct accountability from business sectors to the public like with political representatives that pursue the social goals and are held accountable Conclusion and Recommendation It is very clear that in one way or the other businesses today have to think of their external environment because it impacts their decision and it will help make more profit in a the long run. If a business will choose to ignore this and concentrate on making profits alone, they must be sure they are only going to be around for a short term, chances are they will not get the biggest return for their shareholders, simply because if the society, community, government as well as suppliers do not get any support from this company then it is not worth their support and eeing how these stakeholders are important, business should totally rethink their business strategy. There is more positive impact involved in judging business’ effectiveness through business ethics and CSR, since these are the most realistic options available other than profit maximization. With this I make a stand to say profit maximization is not the only realistic criteria in which business effectiveness can be judged. I would recommend business get training and development on how to operate more responsible and ethically and still make profits. 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